Words for the Wise

As the semester wraps up, I find myself rushing to get everything done on time and organize myself for the weeks ahead. I thought that registration would be a simple thing; and while it was for me, my friends continue to have issues with it. Some are going to be continuing to work out registration into the first week of next semester.

On top of a few back-to-back exams next week, I’m starting to look into grad schools to apply to for Spring 2015. Navigating this process isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I decided to try to find a few good grad programs in my chosen field (Masters in Social Work) that don’t require the GRE, both because of the cost of prep courses/materials and the cost of the exam itself, along with the time required to study for it. I know that skipping the GRE isn’t an option for everyone, but it definitely pays off to research some grad school options that are more tailored to your interests that might not require it. If I’d chosen Psychology for grad school, I would need the GRE, but because Social Work more closely fits my interests and is in the same ballpark, I can get by without the GRE. I highly suggest looking into skipping it.

Some sage words of advice (that I should take note of myself more often): eat breakfast, or some sort of food before noon; take a break and wander down to the shore at least once a week; and above all, cut your friends some slack. We’re all stressed out right now.

By: Shawn King

From Morrisville to Oswego

Transferring to Oswego in 2011 was truly a culture shock. Previously, I have attended SUNY Morrisville. The atmosphere and the dynamic of that was complete different then that of Oswego. Much like I am on this campus, on the SUNY Morrisville campus I was also extremely involved. But at Morrisville, the involvement was very limiting. There were only a few clubs and organizations that could be joined. Coming to Oswego, I was baffled by the amount of opportunities. Everyday was I learning about a new group or organization that I could join. I loved that idea of having options and being able to express myself in so many different ways.

Oswego has helped me in so many ways. It has made me realize my strengths and made me aware of my weaknesses. Oswego has given me the chance to really find myself and take my leadership skills to their highest potential. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given in Oswego.  Being an education major, Oswego has given me the chance to see the different options in education. With practicum, I have interacted and met so many different people, which have in turn helped me grow so much.

Oswego has so many opportunities, it is all up to you whether or not one goes out and looks for them. Oswego was definitely a great choice.

By: Darlynda Brownlee

My Oswego

I’m not a transfer student. I didn’t begin my college experience for a semester or two elsewhere and then have the opportunity to begin anew at SUNY Oswego. I enrolled Fall 2011 as a freshman and I have been attached to these buildings ever since. Prior to coming to Oswego though, I did do some college while in high school at City Tech College in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Walking those halls in the city and not really knowing anyone made my choice of going away that much clearer. Although I had weekend classes, the genuine aura of the school was one that was very business based. It seemed like students just went to class, maybe stopped for something to eat and then went home. Compared to what I saw then to what I know now, I would have and will continue to choose SUNY Oswego over that school or any other school for that matter.

In being here for now three years, I’ve learned so much about not only myself but also about the communications field and the life I’d like to lead after graduation. In attending this school, I realized what I wanted to do with my life and the specific career path I want to follow. It was because of the professors that I’ve met, the students that sat beside me in class as not only my peers but also my competition, that fueled the profound love I hav  for the college at Oswego. I found myself here and my overall growth process is still continuing. There are so many opportunities here from clubs and organizations to internship and job gateways to all majors. I’ve met my best friends here, I pushed myself and realized that I am a leader and can lead my class not only to graduation but through the ups and down that life will take us through. I’ve fallen in love, cried and built legacies all in a matter of semesters. I am a God fearing, ambitious, goal chasing young woman and it’s because SUNY Oswego polished me this way.

I don’t think City Tech could have offered me at least half of the lessons and opportunities that Oswego has, and honestly I’m glad I didn’t wait around to see. I am happy here, I love it here and I will continue to recommend this school and its teachings to the generation to come. I am proud student of this establishment and I just hope everyone, transfer or not, gains the ability to be just as prideful.

By: Kiana St Louis

How to NOT study for Midterms!

What’s college midterms without a little funny and procrastination! Here’s a little video on what not to do during exam season. Enjoy!

Midterm Madness

So… About those midterms!


I feel like when students hear midterms, they automatically freak out – don’t! KEEP CALM. From a student that has been here and endured 4 semesters of midterms from all kinds of classes and professors, I would definitely take my advice!

Midterm exams are exams that are given near the middle of an academic grading term to test your knowledge and understanding of the material in a specific course. In other words, it’s a series of ridiculous tests and projects to make sure you become addicted to coffee, embrace the art of late night snacking and realize that you actually have to remember most things from chapter one! (Just kidding!)

The key to escaping the midterm madness is taking each class one by one. Many of you are new to Oswego but not to the idea of college and have experienced your share of midterm exams at whatever school you’ve attended. With that being said, I’m sure you’ve had your share of professors who think that their class is the only one that matter, along with the too cool for school professors and have endured some classes that you probably still question your reason or attendance! But I can say, with the professors that I’ve dealt with, the workload is only as bad as you allow it to be.

Midterm Madness Checklist:

  • If you have more than one assignment due within this week or the next, PLAN AHEAD. There is no excuse for a build-up of work if it can be avoided. Most of the time the course work and assignments aren’t a surprise unless you didn’t read the syllabus!
  • Ask your professors for assistance if necessary. Everyone needs help sometimes! If you are confused and need clarification make that known so that you don’t fall behind. Every professor should have office hours and can definitely be reached by email – make the effort!
  • Find a quiet and convenient area to work. I’ve found that the 24-hour room in the library is a bit chatty, but people still utilize it. Before the library closes I would definitely take advantage of the third floor, which is a complete quiet area and also includes an array of small rooms to work in. The campus center is often forgotten about and stays open pretty late! I suggest staying in there for a late night study session. Pick a place that will enhance focus and keep you awake.
  • Get sleep and stay fueled! I know this is a busy time, but the only way to work to the best of your abilities is if you are in the right mind and physical set to do so. Remember to grab some kind of breakfast if nothing else, and snack healthy!

-Kiana St Louis

Making it Through

Although there are several stress factors in students’ lives on campus, one that takes the lead in those stress factors is schoolwork. Transitioning from a community college to a 4-year institute is tough. The workload is heavier, and I felt that the 24 hours I was given in a day began to feel like 4 hours! I would think, “there’s simply not enough time in a day!” However, I was wrong. There is enough time! You simply have to make the most of that time. With midterms coming up, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Now that I’m in my second year at Oswego, I can provide some experience as to why I wasn’t successful with the burdens of midterms and how I overcame them.


1. Procrastination.

I waited until the last minute to do everything! This destroyed my well-being.I added on unnecessary stress to my life, which caused me to have a weaker immune system. So, on top of me being worried about tests and exams, I started getting sick quite frequently. My advice? Don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today.


2. Unhealthy Living

I was at late night in the dining hall every night! I opted for the most sugary and fattening foods known to man. Cheese fries sprinkled with bacon bits, ice cream, cheesecake, and fried this and fried that. Little did I know,  these foods were slowing me down mentally and physically. My advice? When I began to incorporate exercise and more fruits and vegetables in my diet, I felt like a new woman! Also, I began to hydrate myself constantly with water. Many people are dehydrated because they don’t drink enough water! This leads to lower cognition ability and concentration levels, which are key factors needed to ace the midterm!


3. Poor Time Management

I love to hang out with people, text, and Facebook. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things, but just like a diet, your time should be well balanced. My advice? Go and buy a planner, or if you are cheap like me, tear out a piece of paper and list everything you need to get accomplished! Tell yourself that you will get these things done! Start setting goals and deadlines for yourself. Having a social life is very important, but they shouldn’t make up most of your time and the same could be said about your studies. Schedule a time when you will get on Facebook and schedule a time you will log off. If you lack self-control like me, there is actually a self-control app you can download to your computer or phone that will lock you out of such distracting sites.

I’m sure the list could go on and on, but if you can master these concepts, not only will you ace your midterms, life will become a lot more endurable!

Good Luck!

Erin Newkirk, MOST Mentor

Funny Ways to “Fit In”

Getting to know people, and finding what works best for you doesn’t have to be all bad! But here’s a funny video to show you what NOT to do when put into situations.





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